Parties / Weddings

Private Parties / Weddings at Hillcrest

Hillcrest Tree Farm and the Hillcrest and Wahtoke Railroad is available for parties with group sizes up to about 300.  Reservations can be made with or without the Train running and the prices vary with the number of people expected and the services provided.


  1. No alcohol of any kind allowed on the premises. No bounce houses.
  2. No unattended children on the farm
  3. Party hosts will be responsible for cleaning up everything afterwards so that farm is left as clean or cleaner than upon arrival.
  4. Sorry, our insurance no longer allows customers to bring dogs on Hillcrest property
  5. Amplified music off by 10 pm per Fresno County.
  6. Please ask if you would like to leave rental tables and chairs, etc, overnight. It's normally OK, butr Hillcrest is not responsible for it.

Party Rates:

For parties without a train running: Cost is $2.00 per person with a $200 minumum charge.  Party placement is subject to availability and by reservation. The use of picnic tables and BBQ is included if available, along with play areas for children.

For parties with a train running: Cost depends on if farm is open to the public or not:

When not open to public:

For up to 60 people attending: $300 minimum for 2 hours of unlimited diesel train rides ($450 for steam) and at least 3 hours use of the farm and picnic areas. Picnic tables and BBQ included if available.

From 60 and up charge is $300 minimum plus $2.00 per person over 60. Picnic tables may be available for up to 100 guests.

When open to the public:

(Oct, Dec, Mar)

There is a $50 charge to reserve the Tree House party area on weekends. Parties are 10-1 or 2-5. There is no charge for use of other areas, and all areas and tables are subject to availability. If you require more than 3 tables, you may bring your own. If customer would like party guests to have unlimited train rides for the 3 hours of the party, the charge is $8 per guest, and guests will have wrist bands to indicate unlimited rides for those hours.


Weddings at Hillcrest:

BASE FIXED PRICE:  This includes setting up the day before event, if desired and available, the day of the event, and pick up of rental items the day following the event.  This price is for up to 100 people present at event. All additional people will be charged at $2 per person over the 100. Base price includes use of all restrooms at Hillcrest and 16 picnic tables if desired, and use of parking lot and parking lot lights. You are expected to haul in, set up, haul out everything and clean up farm to previous condition. You provide your own security and extra bathrooms if needed. Fee due upon event set up.   Price: $900.00

DEPOSIT:  Due on date reservation, can be used to cover extra guests or damage, refundable until 4 weeks prior to event. Price:  $100

TRAIN:  To add a train to the event, pick the 2 hour time slot that train will run and if you want diesel or steam. Price:  $300 for Diesel,  $450 for Steam

LIGHTS: If the event goes beyond daylight hours, you may need lights and we will set that up for a fee, depending on what is required. Ask about what lighting is needed for what locations.

ACCESORIES:  We have a fair amount of farmy things you can use for a fee, such as a wooden stage, wooden arbor, wood and steel old farm wagon, lighted "LOVE" hollywood sign, wood fruit bin ice chests for large amount of drinks, barrels, crates, etc.